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You’ve got your business cards in a neat-looking aluminium case, stowed away in your wallet. But did you remember to scent them with your unique brand smell?

Let’s explore multisensory branding and why startups should explore leveraging all 5 of the human senses. ​

Ever notice how you see the same cat images over and over… and over? We dared to ask why. In a digital world ruled by cats, some stand head and paws above the rest.

Emotions play a huge role in marketing. Online marketers have fewer ways to elicit emotions than traditional marketers. Here we explore some of the options.

Do you advertise? Then you might be losing money on it. This article shows you how to optimise your advertising so that you spend less and get more return-on-investment (ROI).​

After a long while of waiting for the elusive Dribbble invite, it’s finally here. Heurist is now a proud member of the Dribbble community.

You often hear the two terms of ‘branding’ and ‘positioning’ interchanged, but there’s actually a difference. This article breaks it down. With a diagram.​

We all know the famous brands – Apple, Gucci and so on. We know them because they’re famous, but why? How do brands become famous? Jeff Jaraved uncovers the psychological secrets behind famous brands, and their link to viral content.

a do-it-yourself guide on how you can build your own brand, and be unforgettable.​