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Just as a brand is the result of its experiences, Heurist is the result of its people. We pride ourselves on our team, its spirit, and its vision. Read on to learn more about who we are.

Joe Jaraved

Co-Founder & Partnerships Lead.

a little something about Joe.

Joe is one of our founders and has been in the industry since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Having previously spearheaded the marketing & branding efforts of the finance wing of a 4.9-billion dollar conglomerate in a far away land, he brings valuable expertise to the Heurist table. Joe is our resident brand & marketing expert, and is the brains behind every marketing project we engage in.

a little something about Jeff.

Jeff started his career by turning his graphic design hobby into his first company when he was 17. After obtaining a degree in Aerospace Avionics, and flirting a little with robotics and drones in a PhD, he returned to his roots in marketing where he now stays. At Heurist, Jeff is responsible for bringing a touch of engineering to our marketing efforts, and leads the effort of using technology to improve how effectively our clients can market.

Jeff Jaraved

Co-Founder, Brand Strategist & Lead Engineer.

Taryn Syratt

Co-Founder & GM (Operations).

a little something about Taryn.

Taryn is our resident boss person who tells us why we are completely wrong. In other words, she manages culture. A molecular-biologist-turned-sales-advisor, she helps us microscopically analyse ways Heurist can move forward and Heurist more heuristically.

these are the funniest guys I've met all night.

- someone called Ross that we only just met.

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