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there’s a reason why we do what we do, and it goes beyond skillset alone.

it started with a belief.

great ideas deserve to be recognised.

We believe that no good idea should ever be hindered by circumstance.

We’d seen far too many great ideas perish because they were unable to get traction with their audience. We wanted to change that.

And there began our mission – to give people the ability to market their own ideas more effectively. It was why we consulted on branding, and also why we now build CAASie.


pronunciation: /hyu:ˈrist/;

derivation: From ‘heuristic’; Ancient Greek: to “find” or “discover”.

adj. - using experience to learn and improve; and to allow one to discover or learn for themselves.

why 'Heurist'?

We needed a name that aptly represented our goal as an organisation. We didn’t want to simply brand great ideas – we wanted to empower people with the ability to build great brands

we named it.

we chose our symbol.

representing ambition; discovery.

We needed a symbol that could carry not just the name but the meaning behind it. We see brands as the mark one leaves upon the world. What better way to represent such a mark than a flag? 

the not-so

humble flag.

the ship.

we chose our flagbearer.

representing the journey.

We wanted our flagbearers to carry the same message as the flag itself. We settled on the notions of exploration; of adventure. Our core flagbearers are the ship, compass, and lighthouse. Together, they symbolise the journey – the journey one takes to make their mark.

to always ask why.

to do the complex task of making things simple.

to find a better way, and to do differently where everyone else does the same.

to always be a friend.

knowledge alone is insufficient; it is important to understand what you know.

to do what we enjoy, and enjoy what we do.

our namesake value; to be heuristic - to learn from and empower with experience.

‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

Being heuristic is at the core of Heurist. We believe that a little bit of understanding goes a long way. We believe in the power that knowledge gives us – so we use our experiences to enhance our own skills to solve problems, but also empower people with the knowledge to do it for themselves.

We believe that the work we do reflects our enjoyment of it. We strive to make sure that we make enjoyment happen in the experiences we create; so that every party involved can cherish the memories of being a part of Heurist.

We believe that knowledge is powerful if that knowledge can be applied. We seek to not only learn and gather knowledge, but to understand what that knowledge means, and how we can use it to benefit ourselves and those around us.

We value relationships. It is important to us that the people who work with us can rely upon us to be there when they need us; and to go out of our way to help, as a friend. We strive to ensure that this is upheld wherever we interact both internally with our own team, and externally with our partners. We do this because ultimately, we all need a friend to rely on. And we want to be that friend.

We make it a part of our daily routine to think of a new way or a better way to make the lives of those around us easier. We innovate by researching, engineering, and designing new ways to do what has always been done the old way. We innovate because we believe that there is always a better way. So we devote the time and effort to continuously improve what we do, and how we do it.

Complex is easy. Simple is hard. If we truly understand something, we should be able to explain it, and do it, simply. We do the work it takes to keep everything we do simple.

The impulse to do things the way we’ve always known to do them is strong. We fight our human nature to be creatures of habit. Instead, we ask why we do what we do. We do this so that we can innovate – so that we can find a better way for anything we do.

we set our values.

01. we're heuristic.

02. we enjoy.

03. we understand.

04. we value relationships.

05. we innovate.

06. we keep things simple.

07. we're always thinking.

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